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Help & FAQs

Do you ship to my country?

We are excited to be launching global shipping soon. Please sign up to receive notification alerts.

Are your products cruelty-free?

Luscious Cosmetics is a cruelty-free brand and a proud member of PETA, as well as several other organizations fighting to end cruelty to animals globally. We do not test on animals and require all our suppliers to attest that none of the ingredients used in our products are tested on animals. We use high quality synthetic hair for all our cosmetic brushes.

Are your products vegan?

Our founder and entire product development team is committed to never using animal-derived ingredients in our products. This includes beeswax. Where applicable, we use high-quality synthetic beeswax and plant-based waxes, along with skin-friendly ingredients that do not come from animal sources. Our loyal fans and customers never have to guess whether the ingredients in our products are suitable for their lifestyle, religion, personal beliefs or preferences because they are vegan.

What ingredients are used in your product?

All the ingredients we use in a product are listed on the package or the label of the product itself.

What is your pricing philosophy?

We strive to keep our products affordable without compromising on quality.

How can I find out about becoming an authorized seller with Luscious Cosmetics?

We accept authorized resellers on a case by case basis. If you would like to become an authorized reseller, please email your business profile and contact information to

How can I become a distributor of your products?

As one of the fastest growing beauty brands in the world, Luscious Cosmetics offers distribution opportunities in select regions. If you are interested in becoming a distributor in your country, please email your company profile to

Are your products suitable for hot/cold weather

All Luscious products are formulated for long lasting, vibrant color results that survive any climate!

Are your products suitable for professional use?

We develop our products to be as user-friendly as possible, but with professional-grade results. Luscious Cosmetics products are loved and used by everyday makeup addicts, celebrities, and makeup artists alike.

What is the expiration date of a product?

Our products have been tested to have at least a 3-year shelf life if unopened and stored at normal room temperature, during which they will retain their integrity and perform as expected. The "period after opening" is printed as an open jar symbol on each product to indicate the useful liftetime of the product after it has been opened.



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